Safety is our responsibility

Omnitek provide competent and efficient inspection services for cranes, hoist and machinery covering annual thirds party inspections and provide guidance with implementing preventative maintenance.
The key advantages in using Omnitek are that we work closely with your staff and industry and have access to specialised skills as required to ensure the plant remains in good repair and to the manufacturer’s specification.
Omnitek ensure that you as the asset owner have covered all requirements with respect to local and national legislation and Australian Standards. Our approach is to ensure that “Best Practices” in international and Australian Standards are implemented.
Omnitek is committed to providing your business with high quality service encompassing planning, engineering, testing and project delivery services including the following:

  • Project Management
  • Plant Inspection & Reporting
  • Design Review and Verification
  • Structural Certification
  • Lifting Equipment Design & Construction
  • Special Lifting Apparatus Design
  • Condition Reporting & Monitoring
  • Work Place Safety Assessment
  • Safe Use Training
  • OH & S Compliance Auditing
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection & Assessment
  • Assist with Plant Selection
  • Life Cycle Analysis & Extension of Life Assessment
  • Remediation & Refurbishment Methodology
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspection & Maintenance
  • Crane & Hoist Refurbishment
  • Load Testing

Cranes, Lifting Equipment & Plant are assessed under the Australian Standards AS1418 and AS2550 series relating to the design, testing, commissioning and safe use.
There are a minimum of 5 types of inspections that should be undertaken by a competent person, maintenance personnel or crane operator.

  • Pre-operational Inspections
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Major inspections
  • Maintenance type inspections
  • Daily operator inspections

The purpose of the inspection is to provide information on the wear and tear and general safety problems, identify fatigue issue, review logbook and assess any damage.
A guideline for inspection frequency for cranes & hoists is provided by AS2550.1 Table F1 which provides a minimum recommendation and will depend on the plant utilisation and classification.

Monitoring & Reporting Software

Field ID is an industry leading safety compliance solution that utilizes a combination of software, handheld devices and the Internet to automate Safety compliance inspection.

  • Eliminate inspection and audit paperwork
  • Conduct inspections and audits faster and more securely
  • Gain real-time visibility into safety

Omnitek are an approved agent for FieldID.

We are available to provide more information on this system or you can contact FieldID directly by visiting their website at